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Cover Letter Copilot

Tired of struggling with writing cover letters?

Our AI doesn't just generate cover letters - it also guides you to highlight your best qualities, boosting your chances of being hired.


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There is no second chance to make a good first impression

Cover Letters Matter

3 facts:

1. 📨 Cover Letters are still used to make a powerful first impression. 💥

2. 💪 A strong first impression increases your chances of being noticed. 📈

3. 🤖 Cover Letter Copilot helps you shine bright like a star. ✨

We empower you to create personalized cover letters that are 10x more effective than generic templates

whether you're applying for research, engineering, marketing, sales, human resources, nursing positions... and any other fields.

Simplify your cover letter writing with AI

How it works

Cover Letter Copilot guides you through an interactive, step-by-step process designed to:

About you

1. Discover your strengths 💪

Cover Letter Copilot is skilled at asking the right questions

About the company

2. Understand job requirements ✅

Cover Letter Copilot is designed to understand the specific requirements of the company and matches them with your skills and experience.

Tailored for you

3. Crafting your cover letter 📩

With the insights gathered, Cover Letter Copilot expertly weaves together a compelling and personalized cover letter, setting you up for a great first impression.


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Powered by GPT-4


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